Zara floral dress

I bought this Zara floral dress way back in February. It was around £35 then but it went into the summer sale a couple of months ago so you might still be able to find it in some stores. I love the colours in it and it’s mega comfortable – I’ve worn it to death! The great thing about loose dresses like this is that you can just chuck it on go. There’s no fussing around with buttons/zips or worrying about whether you’re wearing suitable underwear.

A picture of a girl wearing a Zara floral dress
Casual summer days

Here I’ve paired it with a pair of gold Accessorize sandals which, again, I’ve worn to death. No matter what shoe trends come in for the summer, I’d always recommend having at least one pair of simple metallic sandals because they look great in the day, wouldn’t look out of place in the evening and they go with everything. I’ve got the same pair in silver and both pairs have served me well over the years.

The necklace is a chunky half gold, half silver chain from Zara – you can’t see it well here but it adds an edge to any outfit. I’ve seen so many gold chains about but I like this one as it’s a bit different from the rest with the two-tone effect.

Meanwhile, the sunglasses are Primark. I change my mind all the time when it comes to what style of sunglasses I like so I don’t tend to spend too much on them anymore. I used to buy expensive sunglasses when I was younger and then find that I wasn’t fussed on them a few months later so unless I adore a designer pair and will be certain that I’ll wear them for years, I’ll be sticking to High St shades most of the time.

Hope you like this look!



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