H&M blue stripe jacket and beaded sweatshirt

Yesterday, I went out for lunch with my friends to celebrate my birthday. I wanted to look smart and chic but not too formal so I wore this blue stripe jacket, beaded sweatshirt, shorts and black ankle boots.

It was a surprisingly warm day yesterday so I’m really glad I wore shorts. I love these Zara ones because they’re smart without looking like I’m off to the beach.

The jacket is H&M – I really like collarless jackets at the moment and this one caught my eye with the stripes. I don’t shop in H&M very often but I should because it’s good for a quick fashion fix at an affordable price. The sweatshirt and the jacket were only £24.99 each which is a bargain considering I would be willing to pay over £50 for a jacket alone elsewhere!

The beaded sweatshirt is also from H&M, I wouldn’t have looked at it twice if it wasn’t for the detail. Sweatshirts are cool but they’re not my style. But as you know, I’m a sucker for embellishment so the sweatshirt had to be mine.

A picture of a girl in black Zara shorts and blue stripe jacket
I’m all for shorts in September!


A picture of a blue stripe jacket
Blue and beads


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