Phyto Paris Phytophanere dietary supplement

I’ve got a brief history of taking the Phyto Paris Phytophanere dietary supplement so I will explain it as I believe it all contributes to the overall review.

A review of Phyto Paris Phytophanere dietary supplement
Healthy hair in a bottle

I started taking them in April 2014 but didn’t see much difference after finishing the bottle in June 2014 as my hair was quite long anyway and in pretty good condition.

I decided to buy another bottle and continue with them as I had read several glowing reviews. I didn’t mind giving them another chance as the capsules are small, really easy to swallow and have a pleasant, almost chocolate-like taste.

When I finished the second bottle in August 2014, I noticed that my hair looked and felt much thicker than before. It was falling out significantly less in the shower and had a healthy gleam to it too. I’m usually quite sceptical of dietary supplements but I believe Phyto Paris Phytophanere made a genuine difference.

However, I didn’t see vast improvements to my nails. They felt slightly stronger but still broke and peeled as much as before. That didn’t bother me much though as my priority was more my hair than nails.

I read that you should have a break from taking them after the four month period so I didn’t take them again until early December 2014.

I was so glad that I started taking them again. My hair was falling out like mad in the shower again and it I felt like it needed a boost.

I’ve been taking them for nearly six weeks now and my hair feels so much better. Only a couple of strands fall out when I wash it and it looks thick again. I think I have roughly two weeks left of my current bottle and then I’m onto my bottle that Kilpatrick PR kindly sent me.

I should finish that bottle by April 2015 so I can’t wait to see what my hair is looking and feeling like then. Thank you Kilpatrick PR for keeping me stocked up!


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