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You might have noticed a few changes. Say hello to georgiahathaway.co.uk! After two lovely years writing Fashion Oyster, I decided to revamp for a few reasons:

1. I started Fashion Oyster in 2012 and didn’t know a lot about blogging. Since then, I’ve learned so much and I feel that a fresh blog is the best way to put what I’ve learned into practise. Onwards and upwards!

2. I’ve noticed that people search “Georgia Hathaway blog” quite often. I couldn’t ignore that.

3. My blog has grown significantly over the past six months and I’ve had ALOT of interest from lifestyle brands as well as fashion and beauty brands. While Fashion Oyster didn’t stop me from writing lifestyle posts, I felt limited at times because I couldn’t stray too far away from fashion – it was called Fashion Oyster after all! Now I don’t feel limited, I can write about dresses, lipstick or the latest restaurant in town.

4. We’re all trying to make a name for ourselves and this is my way of getting mine out there. Why not, you’ve got to go for it!

Blog designs by Pipdig
Stylish and professional blog designs from Pipdig

So, they’re my main reasons. My design was created and installed by Pipdig, who I highly recommend. Creative director Phil Clothier is an extremely talented designer and I cannot thank him enough for his exceptional service. He was professional and helpful throughout the process but super friendly at the same time. He replied to my emails quickly and answered all my queries no matter how small they were. He designs templates for both Blogger and WordPress but if you’re after something completely unique, he creates custom designs too. He has also done work for a few of my favourite bloggers such as In the Frow, Fashion Influx and The Little Magpie. I’m in good company!

Thank you Phil at Pipdig. Here’s to georgiahathaway.co.uk!


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