Eco Tools make-up brush starter set

This Eco Tools make-up brush starter set makes it easy to create any one of your beauty looks. The set is packed with the high-quality brushes you need to enhance your complexion, inside a natural cotton and hemp case.

A piture showing Eco Tools make-up brush starter set
An ideal set for beginners or pros

The set includes:

  1. Concealer brush
  2. Blush brush
  3. Eye shading brush
  4. Eyeliner brush
  5. Brow and lash groomer

Concealer brush

I used the brush tip to precisely apply concealer. Then, I used the flat, fanned portion of the brush to blend. I found the brush useful for concealing spots and redness around my nose but I didn’t find it very good when it came to under-eye circles – I still prefer to blend using my fingertips.

Blush brush

The most noticeable feature of this brush was its softness. It was a pleasure to use! I gently applied blush in an upward motion over cheek bones and blended the edges. The application was flawless as the brush picks up just the right amount of product.

Eye shading brush

This brush blended the shadows really well but it didn’t pick up much product. It took a few applications to get my desired look but it is a fairly decent brush.

Eyeliner brush

After applying shadow with the eye shading brush, I used the eyeliner brush to add definition. The angled shape made it easy to apply eyeliner and it’s particularly good for creating thin lines. For brows, I applied a small amount of shadow to cover light or sparse areas.

Brow and lash groomer

To finish off the look, I tamed my eyebrows using the brush side. I’m growing out my brows at the moment so to say that they’re unruly is an understatement! The brush is a real saviour as I can give my brows some shape by brushing upwards and out. I used the comb side after each coat of mascara to separate, lengthen lashes and make them look less clumpy.

A picture of the Eco Tools make-up brush starter set
Freshen up your look with these practical brushes

The brushes are brilliant quality, eco-friendly and they work. The bristles are soft, cruelty-free and they felt lovely on my face. So far, they haven’t shed and I’ve washed them twice with no problems. This is the perfect set for everyone, from a beauty expert to a beginner.

Thank you Kilpatrick PR for sending me these.

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