Valentine’s Day gifts

I like Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a day dedicated to showing your love for someone. Of course, you should appreciate your loved ones every day of the year and not just on the February 14th but Valentine’s is still a nice excuse to spoil someone.

I was definitely spoiled by my lovely boyfriend Phil. My gifts were spot on, I was so happy with them!

A picture of Valentine's Day gifts
Hooray for treats!

Although I do like flowers, I’m not a fan of other sentimental gifts like teddy bears, photo frames and key rings etc. I prefer gifts that I will genuinely use rather than pack away in a drawer to gather dust.

Zara is my favourite store to buy clothes so I’m really looking forward to browsing the latest collections and picking out some cute pieces. I’ve still got a Zara gift card off Phil from Christmas but I wanted to wait until the Autumn/Winter sales had finished before spending them. Bring on the spree!

I’m a tea fanatic so I was so excited to try the Twinings Nutty Chocolate Flavour Assam. It has a sweet chocolatey and creamy hazelnut taste, like a praline truffle. I love the resealable bag that it comes in too – a much better way to store teabags than in cardboard boxes.

When it comes to chocolates, I like something that’s a bit different from your average Dairy Milk. The Chocolatier’s Box from Marks and Spencer is a collection of sophisticated hand decorated artisan chocolates using finest gourmet ingredients. And they taste as beautiful as they look! My favourite is the raspberry and cardamom variety.

Soppy cards with cheesy messages aren’t very me at all so this one was absolutely perfect! I noticed a few Kanye themed cards in the shops this year but I never mentioned them to Phil as I trust his taste. I’m pleased he got me one though, he knows me well.

Thank you Phil for my gorgeous goodies!

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