Aussie body wash

Love Aussie shampoo, conditioner and treatments? Then you will love Aussie body wash!

There are four creamy concoctions in the collection:

Shower Smoothie Body Wash with macadamia nut oil for super smooth skin

Mega Watt Body Wash with Australian ginseng to energise

Fresh Mate Body Wash with eucalyptus for a super fresh feel

No Rush Body Wash with jojoba oil to relax and pamper

A picture of Aussie body wash
Ideal for relaxing before bedtime!

I tried the No Rush version, which had the classic Aussie scent and smelled absolutely heavenly. So much so, that my boyfriend loved using it too.

The packaging is the same as the shampoo/conditioners so be careful if you have them on your bathroom shelf too or you could end up squeezing the body wash on your head instead of shampoo! I don’t particularly mind the packaging but I think it would have been nice to see a variation between the hair and body bottles, just to distinguish the products. Not a big deal though, it’s the inside that counts!

The wash itself is a pearly lilac colour and lathered really well, especially with a body puff. The consistency is thick like a gel so you don’t need to use much but it was hard not to as it smells amazing. Phil and I got through half a bottle in about 3 days because the smell was so addictive!

Afterwards, my skin felt gorgeously smooth, soft and not stripped of moisture – some shower gels can be very drying but this one was a pleasure to use!

I was sent the product to review but I’ve looked at the prices on and they’re a reasonable £2.99 each for 250ml and £4.75 for 400ml. If you use the product sparingly (unlike me!), then they’ll last a while as a quick squeeze is plenty! Now your hair AND body can get the Aussie effect. Can you bring out body creams please Aussie?!

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