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My teeth were pretty white when I was younger but as I got older and started to drink tea and coffee, the whiteness became more difficult to maintain. Now I have phases. When cut the caffeine, my teeth are gleaming. And when I don’t, they look a bit dull.

I’d love to ditch coffee for good but let’s face it, how boring would life be without a morning espresso, a lunctime latte or a cappuccino with the girls at Costa?

Fortunately, the lovely team at Blanx sent me a selection of their whitening products that would keep me smiling for a while.

A picture of toothpaste
Say hello to pearly whites

I tested the three over five weeks, read on for my reviews of each one!

 Blanx Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

I liked the pump dispenser as it was less messy and looked neater on my sink instead of a squeezed up toothpaste tube.

The flavour wasn’t particularly strong which is great if you don’t like overpowering mint. Personally, I like that tingling fresh feeling after using strong flavoured toothpastes so this was a little disappointing in that respect. It’s not unpleasant though.

I also didn’t like that this didn’t foam in my mouth like other toothpastes – it had a really runny consistency which made it difficult to keep it all in your mouth while brushing (lovely image of me dribbling there!). However, this was something I got used to after a few uses.

After brushing, my teeth looked shiny and my mouth felt really clean. As mentioned earlier, I found the consistency a bit strange and the flavour wasn’t as minty as I normally like but overall, it was a very good everyday toothpaste.

BlanX Intense Stain Removal Toothpaste

This helps remove stubborn stains like coffee, tea and red wine while restoring teeth to their original natural whiteness.

I’m not a big drinker of wine but I do love tea and coffee I was looking forward to trying this out.

Again, it had the same runny consistency and bland mint flavour as the advanced whitening treatment but after a week of using, I noticed that my teeth looked whiter even though I hadn’t cut out any tea or coffee.

Blanx Extrawhite Intensive Whitening Treatment

I liked the idea of this being an intensive treatment – excellent if you’ve got a special occasion coming up where you want to speed up the whitening process.

The treatment contained particles to help remove stains during brushing and polish teeth. It felt a bit gritty but nothing unpleasant – it almost felt as if I was exfoliating my teeth! Despite the gritty texture, it doesn’t damage the enamel though.

To conclude, I really liked the three toothpastes – they all worked well for me and did a great job at brightening my smile, as you see below! You can buy Blanx at Tesco and Boots.

A picture of a girl with white teeth
After using the toothpastes over just a few weeks



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