Stylfile Infuse

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my nails. I buff and paint them occasionally and clip them short when they start breaking.

I should take care of them more because they do look great when I put the effort in. I certainly need to get into the habit of filing them and moisturising my cuticles, which can become dry or damaged easily.

In an attempt to start looking after my talons, I tried Stylfile Infuse – the world’s first moisturising nail file designed by Tom Pellereau who won The Apprentice in 2011.

A picture of Stylfile Infuse
The latest offering from the Stylfile range

The Infuse combines specially developed almond cuticle oil to hydrate and nourish cuticles and strengthen nails as you file.

The file itself is strong and feels like it is going to last a long time unlike regular bog-standard files. The curved design follows the nails’ natural shape, making it easy to file your nails, even when using your non-dominant hand. You can use the tougher outer side to shape the nail and the softer inner side to smooth it.

A picture of Stylfile Infuse
A long-lasting file which has a luxe look to it!

To nourish, you click the button at the base of the body. One click will bring the unique blend of Almond oil to the soft white moisturising pad. One click is enough for 3 to 5 fingers. Then you rub in oil and repeat the process on other hand. There is also a cuticle pusher which is hidden inside.

The Stylfile Infuse comes with two replaceable heads. Depending upon use, each Infuse head could last up to 3 months, which means one Stylfile Infuse could last almost a year.

I was impressed with the product. It made filing my nails an easy and enjoyable experience. The almond oil is a genius idea – no need to buy a separate nail oil and no excuse not to have ragged, scruffy cuticles. The only worry I have is that the file isn’t practical for taking out and about as it doesn’t have a protective cover. Apart from that, I’d recommend it to those who want gorgeously moisturised fingertips without the hassle!

*Please note that I received this product for review. For more information, check out



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