Mark Hill holiday hair products

I’m fanatic about protecting my hair and scalp in the sun. For me, it’s just as important as protecting my skin. Thankfully, I’ve got some Mark Hill Holiday Hair products ready for any future getaways and what’s more, I can use them when the sun makes an appearance in the UK too!

Mark Hill holiday hair products
Sun saviours for your hair

Summer Loving Protection Serum

This lightweight and non-greasy serum sorts out holiday frizz and blocks out humidity. It can be used on wet or dry hair, either at home or abroad. A couple of tiny drops rubbed through damp hair will help protect it and a couple more drops on dry hair will add shine and humidity control.

Beach to Bar Dry Shampoo

I don’t know about you but I hate washing my hair every day of my holiday, I’d rather spend more time enjoying myself! After a hard day at the pool or the beach, simply spritz this dry shampoo on hair and brush through – it will absorb excess oil and eliminate sand, salt and chlorine residues. It’s also brilliant for adding volume and texture.

Sea Salt Wave Spray

Combined with real sea salt, this amazing spray allows you to recreate that gorgeous beach look even if you’re not abroad! And it’s easy to use. Just spray onto damp hair and let it dry into shape or spray through dry hair and gently twist sections. I like to braid my hair, leave overnight and spritz it on after undoing the braid. Pretty, textured waves with minimal effort!

Cover Up! Protection Spray

This fabulous spray protects your hair and scalp from drying out (no one wants a burnt, peeling head!) and also stops hair colour from fading. So if you dye your hair, take note! Apply every time you apply SPF on your skin and reapply after you’ve been in the sea or the pool.

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* Please note that I was gifted these products.

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