Nu Me Titan 3 curling wand

My hair is generally well-behaved but the one thing I hate about it? It’s inability to hold a curl. I can spend 30 minutes curling my hair to perfection only for the curls to fall out within an hour. And I don’t just mean the curls loosening into soft waves, I mean falling out so my hair is left completely straight again. Not even products help. Argh!

When American hair brand NuMe got in touch for me to review their Titan 3 curling wand, I was excited but apprehensive. The wand looked incredible but would my hair get on with it?

A picture of Nu Me Titan 3 curling wand
Gorgeous curls made easy!

The Titan 3 is widely used by celebrity stylists and hair professionals worldwide.The pure-titanium-infused barrells in 19mm, 25mm and 32 mm are strong, sturdy and built for hair that has difficulty holding a curl (hurrah!).

Curling attachments on Nu Me curling wand
The Titan 3 comes with attachments to vary the curl result

The different sized barrels mean that you can create any style you want from tight curls to beachy texture to the perfect bounce.

My favourite look is loose curls so I tried the 25mm barrel first, the medium sized one. It took approximately about 15-20 mins to curl my whole head and the curls turned out like this:

A picture of a girl with curly hair
Loose, long-lasting curls

The curls lasted ALL DAY without hairspray. It even withstood windy British weather, which was very impressive.

Next, I used the 32mm barrel to achieve a bouncy blow-dry effect. While it did create big curls, the look didn’t last anywhere near as long as it did when I used the 25mm barrel. In fact, I had to re-curl my hair twice throughout the day as it had gone flat. I think this size would work better if I had shorter layers, perhaps my hair is too heavy to hold big curls?

The 19mm is the smallest barrel and is ideal for tight curls. It took me about 40 minutes to curl my whole head using this size but the curls did last for ages. This would be great for short hair but for long hair like mine, you’ll need some patience.

As for the technical bits, the wand heated up at super quickly and has an adjustable temperature so you can control the heat you put on your hair.

A heat-resistant glove is also included. Please do use it as the wand gets EXTREMELY hot. Stupidly, I thought I could get away with not wearing it but unsurpisingly, I burned my hand! Lesson learned.

The wand also comes with a euro power plug, so you don’t have to worry about running out and buying an adaptor. A thoughtful added touch.

Overall, I loved the Titan 3.  It heated up fast and created long-lasting curls in no time at all.

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