Delilah Cosmetics

Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of Delilah Cosmetics before I was sent their products to try but I’m always willing to give new brands a go!

A picture of Delilah Cosmetics
Pretty in pink!

The products were the Farewell Cream Concealer in Linen and the Colour Intense Eyeshadow in Flamingo.

I can’t live without concealer so I was intrigued to try a new formula. Farewell has been created to target imperfections, dark spots, discolorations and signs of fatigue on both eyes and face. Enriched with moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients, Farewell leaves the skin hydrated and silky soft. It also contains hyaluronic filling spheres help to fill fine lines and wrinkles making the skin look visibly smoother and softer.

You can apply the concealer directly from the stick (great if you’re in a hurry!) or you can use a blending brush. The stick format made it super easy to apply as I could control the amount that I needed. Unfortunately, the colour was far too light for me so I can’t comment on how it looked but I was impressed by the creamy consistency and the good coverage that it gave.

I like the packaging as much as the formula – the shiny pewter finish looks sleek and sophisticated. It’s almost too lovely to hide away in my make-up bag!

The Colour Intense eyeshadow comes in two finishes – matte and shimmer. The shade I received had a gorgeous shimmer finish which combined the smoothness and softness of a cream with the convenience of a powder. As a result, the shadow blended effortlessly on to my eye which was easy to build and lasted all-day. I don’t wear eyeshadow very often but I liked Delilah’s offering as I didn’t have to spend ages building up the colour like I have to do with many other brands. Again, the colour wasn’t for me but as a general eyeshadow, it worked well.

Although they weren’t the right shades for me, both the concealer and eyeshadow were excellent to use. I’d definitely try Delilah again!


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