Braun Satin Hair 7 Straighteners

I don’t straighten my hair often as it’s naturally straight anyway but sometimes, I do feel the urge to iron out any odd kinks that I get after washing my hair and leaving it to dry naturally.

I’ve never used another brand of straighteners apart from GHDs so I was looking forward to trying the Braun Satin Hair 7 Styler for a change.

A picture of Braun hair straightener and brush
Two great ways to achieve smooth hair!

The Braun straighteners have SensoCare tehnology which feels hair and adapts temperature for ultimate heat protection. The built in sensors detect the moisture level of each hair strand and automatically adapt to the ideal temperature from root to tip. This helps give the perfect style while protecting your hair from unnecessary damage.

It also gives feedback on your styling process and allows you to personalise your styler. For example, it tells you if you’re styling too fast and the moisture level in your hair. As for personalising, you can program the device to know your hair length, thickness and whether it’s coloured or not. How clever!

A picture of Braun Hair Straighteners
A styler which you can personalise to your hair’s needs.

Thanks to the ceramic plates, these glided through my locks well and left it looking sleek. I really liked the personalisation feature as it meant that I could style my hair without worrying that the temperature is too hot for my hair type. Less damaging than ‘one heat suits all’ straighteners!

The only downside was that I found them bulky to use in comparision to my GHDs which fit in my hand nicely. Perhaps it’s simply a case of getting used to a bigger model!

To complement my styling, I used the Braun Satin Hair 7 brush with iontec. The uniquely designed ion jet instantly restores shine and delivers gentle brushing without damaging the hair cuticle.It also tames fizz and flyaway hairs.

A picture of hair straighteners and a brush
A great combination

To be honest, I thought this might be a bit of a gimmick before I tried it. Who honestly need battery-powered hairbrush?! But after using it, my sceptic thoughts faded.

I used it the morning after I slept on partially damp hair, which I was too tired to dry properly the night before. My ends felt rough and slightly frizzy but after brushing they felt much smoother.

The brush didn’t help fake a blow-dry but it did make my hair less coarse and like I hadn’t fallen asleep with damp hair!

While I don’t think the brush is an absolute essential, it’s a great quick fix for those who want instant smoothness!

*Please note that these products were sent to me for review.


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