11 easy ways to relax in no time

When we’re feeling frazzled, a city break might be just the thing to calm our nerves. But as it’s not always practical to jet off and leave our troubles behind so I’ve rounded up 15 ways to relax without reaching for your passport. From sipping tea to painting your nails, all these tactics can create calm during tough times.

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Keep stress levels down and improve your health by relaxing

1. Sip green tea. Instead of feeling red with stress, get green with a cup of herbal tea. Green tea is a source of theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger. Put the kettle on, get out your favourite cup and take a soothing sip.
2. Chew gum. A stick of gum is a surprisingly quick and easy way to beat stress. Just a few minutes of chewing can actually reduce anxiety and lower cortisol levels.
3. Take a brisk walk. Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your mood. Even if it’s a walk to the local shop and back, you’ll feel better for going outdoors.
4. Paint your nails. A new manicure is just the thing to help you relax for a few minutes and feel like a million dollars. If you can’t do the whole works, a quick base coat and slick of colour will do the trick.
5. Run a bath. Whenever my head is feeling fried, a bubbly bath makes me feel so much calmer. Warm water has such a healing effect.
6. Put on pyjamas. There is nothing better than having a bath, slipping into clean PJs and sinking into a bed of fresh sheets. NOTHING.
7. Write lists. Get a notebook, some coloured pens and write ‘positive’ lists. Places where you’d like to visit. Goals you want to achieve. Even new season pieces you want to update your wardrobe with. Writing things down (especially happy things) always makes me feel like there’s lots to look forward to in life, despite the stresses and strains.
8. Read. Switch off your phone, put your iPad away, find a comfy spot to sit and dive into a good book. It doesn’t matter whether you read one or ten chapters at time, it’s a great way to escape to another world for a bit. Magazines count too!
9. Make a smoothie. Stock up on your favourite fruit and vegetables, whizz up in a Nutribullet or blender and enjoy the delicious drink you’ve made over an episode of something on Netflix. Nutritious and fun!
10. Do something repetitive. Repetitive motions such as running a brush through your hair, washing dishes, or knitting can help the body to de-stress.
11. Listen to music you like. I have music for different moods but when I want to relax I love chilled deep house, Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd.

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Playing music can help de-stress

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