Byron proper hamburgers, Covent Garden

Since opening its first restaurant in Kensington in 2007, Byron has set the standard of high-quality burgers on the high street. The chain aims to sell ‘proburgers’ with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

This summer, I was lucky enough to be invited to eat in their Covent Garden branch on Wellington Street and I couldn’t wait to go as I’ve heard so many good things about them.

It usually annoys me when I see people eating salads in burger restaurants but I really couldn’t resist the avocado, quinoa and grilled aubergine salad. With fennel, radish, peas, soya beans, cucumber, rocket, basil, olive oil and lemon, it really appealed to me! It was nutritious, vibrant and brimming with fresh flavours. An ideal choice if you’re looking for a healthier option when eating out.

To complement the meal, I had the courgette fries, which were a great alternative to regular fries. I drank the Belvoir farms elderflower presse, which paired well with the salad. A satisfying yet thirst-quenching soft drink!

Burger, salad and fries at Byron
B-rex burger (top)
Courgette fries (left)
Avocado, quinoa & grilled aubergine salad (bottom)
French fries (right)

Meanwhile, Phil had the B-Rex burger complete with onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise complete with French fries and a selection of craft beers. He even upgraded his beer to a ‘boilermaker’ by having bourbon whiskey with it. He certainly enjoyed!

We were too full for dessert but fancied something sweet to round off a great dinner so we opted for a milkshake each. I chose Oreo cookie with added malt (I’d definitely recommend doing this for a little something extra!) and Phil had the banoffee variety. Both were a wonderful way to finish our Byron experience. Until next time!

Byron, 33-35 Wellington Street, London WC2E 7BN

* Please note that we were invited to eat here and the meal was complimentary. However, all opinions are honest and without bias.




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