Packing for Paris

I landed a new job in marketing last week and to celebrate, Phil and I headed to Paris for a few days. I’ve been to Paris twice before but I was young and didn’t really appreciate what it had to offer, apart from Disneyland.

Clothes packing for a city break to Paris
Clothes pictured from ASOS, Topshop, Converse and Monki

As usual, I wanted to keep my looks simple because I wanted to focus on the city itself and not worry about what I was wearing.

The weather was perfectly Autumnal with crisp mornings, sunny days and cooler evenings so the key was to take layers and add/remove accordingly.

I packed mainly dark colours but added touches of red, orange and purple to avoid looking drab. As much as I love wearing all-black, it can look dreary in bright weather!

I chose cotton t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve tops in various colours as well as a couple of lightweight sweaters to wear underneath or over outfits. One of my favourite looks was a striped polo neck sweater layered under a sleeveless corduroy playsuit with ankle boots – I had the warmth of the knitwear and practicality of the boots but fun of the playsuit with bare legs to show that summer is not over just yet!

Suede was the base for most of my outfits as it was warm enough to keep the chill off but didn’t look out of place in the sun either. Suede skirts came in handy as they could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

I took four pairs of shoes – two pairs of Converse in black and white, a pair of beige boots and a pair of black boots. The sneakers were essential for busy days sightseeing as we walked everywhere and the boots were great for the evenings when I needed a sensible heel.

I kept accessories to a minimum as I’m not a lover of flashy jewellery. A small watch and plain silver bracelet is enough for me. Sunglasses provided the perfect finishing touches – squinting up at the Eiffel Tower is not cool.

Packing for Paris – quick tips

  • Have a ‘capsule’ wardrobe, i.e. a collection of coordinating clothes that you can mix and match
  • Wear one or two accessories, you’ll look more polished and less try-hard
  • Pick pieces that easily flatter your figure without revealing too much of it
  • Stick to black and neutrals but don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour
  • Don’t look as though you have spent hours getting your look ‘just right’ – think effortless

Keep an eye out for my Paris posts coming soon!




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