What I love about weekends

I know that I shouldn’t “live for the weekends” but I can’t help but look forward to them. Who doesn’t like a bit of time away from the daily grind? Here’s what I love most about Saturdays and Sundays…

A picture of avocado on toast
Leisurely breakfasts are the best!

1. Not setting an alarm. Even though I’m an early bird every day of the week, it’s still a good feeling knowing that I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn! I like to wake up around 8am and lounge in bed for an hour before getting ready. It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on the news (and Netflix!).
2. Applying my make-up properly. I haven’t got time to do a full face of make-up on weekdays so I like to take advantage of the weekends and spend longer on my routine. It makes me feel more polished and ready for anything!
3. Letting my hair down – literally! I like to look professional for work so I tend to sport a ponytail or plait on Monday-Friday. However, I prefer my hair down so it’s nice to leave it loose after wearing it back all week. I feel more like me!
4. Leisurely breakfasts. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day but I don’t get a chance to make the most of it before work – I often end up eating cereal at my desk! I’m all about smoked salmon, poached eggs and avocado on the weekends – or even the odd fry-up if I feel like a treat!
5. ‘Switching off’. During the week, I spend A LOT of time planning, writing and editing, responding to emails and generally maintaining this blog whilst working full-time in marketing so I try to limit my time on computers at the weekends.

What do you love the most about the weekends?

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