5 reasons why winter isn’t that bad

I usually dread winter but this year, I decided to focus on the advantages rather than the disadvantages. It’s actually not all doom and gloom!

A picture of Vogue magazine in front of the fire in winter
Comfort meets style

1. Cosy evenings

If you don’t enjoy curling up in front of a roaring fire with a hot beverage after an icy day, you are seriously missing out. It is absolute bliss! Just add a book/iPad/snacks/family pet to the scene for good measure. Heck, get them all involved and go wild! You only live once etc.

2. Less outfit worry

When the weather is chilly, I honestly don’t care about what I look like. Long gone are the days where I choose style over warmth! Now I pile on the layers, double up the socks and choose the most padded coat I can find. The Michelin man always had the right idea.

3. Comfort food

As much as I love a good salad, it doesn’t quite hit the spot when it’s frosty outside. I’m all about comfort food in the winter – homemade soups, pies made from scratch, warming casseroles and roast dinners. I like to make the most of hearty dishes because I don’t eat them as much at other times of the year.

4. Dark nails

I only really wear dark nail colours in the winter as bright shades and pastel hues don’t look quite right with my A/W wardrobe. My nail colour of choice is glossy black but when I fancy a change, I go for berry red, deep purple and charcoal grey.

5. Netflix marathons

I don’t watch much TV anyway but I’m more likely to get through a series on Netflix during than the winter than the summer. I’d feel too lazy spending time indoors when the weather is warm! Dark nights and sharp temperatures are ideal for catching up on films and programmes that I’ve been meaning to see for ages.

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