Pizza Express seasonal specials

I don’t know about you but I’m all about comfort food in the winter. I just love being cosy indoors with indulgent food!

So as you can imagine, I was excited to try the latest menu additions at Pizza Express. They’ve launched seasonal specials including an Italian take on macaroni and cheese, a spicy calzone and a decadent treacle tart cheesecake. In other words, perfect dishes for the dark and cold months of early 2016!

I took Phil with me on a miserable and rainy Saturday afternoon. It was a really chilly day so we wanted dishes to warm us up!

Macaroni cheese and calamari at Pizza Express
So far, so good!

I decided on Pennette Formaggi (macaroni and cheese) to start. With creamy Gruyère cheese sauce, mozzarella and Gran Milano cheese, it was rich in flavour and paired well with a glass of red. A tasty starter!

Next, I chose the Napoletana pizza which had anchovies, capers, chopped black & green olives, finished with torn buffalo mozzarella and fresh parsley. I’m not a big meat eater and I absolutely love anchovies and olives so this pizza was ideal for me. I’d definitely have it again!

A picture of pizza
My kinda pizza toppings!

Meanwhile, Phil had the calamari to start followed by the new Calzone Diavolo. The calzone was filled with hot spiced beef, green peppers, red onions, pepperoni, light mozzarella, spinach, tomato and Tabasco with a choice of hot green, roquito or jalapeño peppers complete with pancetta and Gran Milano cheese. I’m not a big fan of spicy food but this smelled delicious and Phil enjoyed it.

Calzone at Pizza Express

To finish, I went for the new treacle tart cheesecake with mascarpone but you can have cream or gelato if you prefer. It was lovely but the thick treacle filling and clotted cream cheese topping got a bit sickly towards the end. I’d order again but I’d want to share it.

Desserts at Pizza Express
Sweet treat heaven

Speaking of sharing, Phil had the Sharing Trio dessert to himself, including gluten-free chocolate brownie with fresh strawberry, lemon posset crunch and two scoops of chocolate brownie primo gelato with a chocolate straw. A dessert lover’s dream!

* Please note that Pizza Express invited me to try the seasonal specials but all opinions are honest and unbiased.


    • Georgia
      20th January 2016 / 3:40 pm

      Hi Shannon!

      It was very tasty, I’m looking forward to going back. Thanks for reading! :)

  1. 20th January 2016 / 10:51 pm

    That pizza looks amazing and totally understand as not a great red meat lover myself but adore anchovies and olives! It’s my Mr’s idea of devil food!

    If I had to pick anything from your photos however it would be the trio of desserts and a glass of red!!

    Great post and can’t wait to try these as I love and frequent PE! x

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