The advantages of waking up early

You know the saying the early bird catches the worm? I’m a firm believer in it. Here are 4 advantages to waking up early. You snooze, you lose…

Benefits of waking up early post
There are good reasons to leave bed early…just about!

Healthier diet 

How often have you skipped breakfast because you haven’t had time? I’ve certainly done it and suffered all day. If I don’t eat in the mornings, I feel miserable until lunchtime and it’s just not worth it. Waking up early gives you time to eat a good breakfast and prepare your food for the day. You’ll be less likely to reach for chocolate at 11am and you won’t have the hassle of finding healthy options on your lunch hour.

Less missed workouts

I’m a big fan of early morning training for a few of reasons. For a start, the gym is quieter than the evening with no waiting around to use a particular machine. Secondly, I have no excuse not to miss a morning session whereas I can think of loads of excuses to miss an evening one (tired after work/hungry/don’t want to get home late). I also have more energy for the day ahead. And once the workout is done, I don’t have to worry about it all day.

Less stress

You’ll be amazed at how more positive your day will become by waking up early.  No hurrying to get ready for work, no skipped showers or breakfasts, no panicking at being stuck in traffic jams, no arriving late to work and no worrying about what your boss will say. If there’s one thing that stresses me out, it’s rushing so waking up early ensures that I can do everything I need to in my own time.


This might sound strange but I really enjoy the peace and quiet of an early morning. No one’s out and about on the streets, there’s very little traffic on the road and my phone isn’t constantly pinging away with messages. I have a chance to gather my thoughts and think about the day ahead with a clear mind. If anything, it’s another opportunity for some ‘me’ time!


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