Small ways to fill life with joy

Recently, I had a lovely day out with my mum. It wasn’t planned in advance; we just woke up and decided to spend the day together.

It was really low-key. We had brunch, browsed the shops, stocked up at the bakery, walked around the park and got our nails done, all locally. We talked, we laughed and we though roughly enjoyed ourselves.

A picture of Flowers, Roberts radio, Neom Organic candle and tea

It got me thinking that there are so many simple ways to fill life with joy and we often take them for granted. Well, I do anyway.

With this in mind, I’ve written of list of small ways to fill life with joy. I know I’ve written similar posts before but they help remind me to appreciate the little things in life rather than focusing on the big things. Obviously this list is personal to me but hopefully, you can relate to them too!

1. Buy your favourite flowers and arrange them nicely in a vase. Put them where you’ll see them most often whether it’s your kitchen, living room or bedroom.
2. Get into the habit of turning on the radio when you’re doing boring chores.
3. Buy fresh bread from the bakery rather than a supermarket. Toast it and spread with real butter!
4. Choose organic candles – they’re natural, long-lasting and burn cleanly without any toxins.
5. Take some time out to look after yourself every week, even if it’s a quick manicure or putting heated rollers in your hair for a bit of volume.
6. Make the most of weekends and have a long and leisurely breakfast. Savour every mouthful!
7. Find a perfume which lifts your mood instantly whenever you spritz it. I’ve rediscovered Zara scents which I don’t mind using every day because they are super cheap but smell beautiful.
8. Change your bedding often. Not only is it hygienic but the feeling of fresh sheets is heavenly.
9. Get moving. Take a walk or head to the gym for a quick workout. It helps reduces stress, alleviates anxiety and boosts happy chemicals.

* With thanks to Neom Organics who gifted me the candle.

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