Why I’m loving the less is more look

Recently, I posted a photo on social media which had more reaction than I thought it would. It was taken on a quiet Sunday afternoon before going out for lunch. The photo wasn’t planned. The outfit wasn’t planned. And my pose wasn’t planned. I just got ready in 15 minutes and off I went.

A picture of a less is more look with natural hair, make-up and no tan
Jeans, ASOS. Top, Zara. Jacket, Superdry

I didn’t have a scrap of fake tan on, wore very minimal make-up (because who can be bothered on a Sunday?!) and my hair was in its natural state – straight and flat. I also threw the outfit together because I wanted to leave the house as soon as possible. The clothes weren’t anything new either. I’ve had the jeans for years, I wear the top with everything and the jacket has been on the blog several times before.

At first, I was unsure about posting the photo. My skin didn’t have the sunkissed glow that I’m used to; my hair didn’t have its regular bounce and my make-up was almost non-existent. And surprise, surprise I was wearing another all-black outfit. But I posted it anyway. It was refreshing to post a more casual, less is more look.

On Twitter, some lovely followers said “Girl you are goals” (the ultimate compliment in 2016), “Looking stunning” “Gorgeous as always”, “You look amazing” etc. The feedback on Instagram was equally as positive. Superdry even re-posted the picture on their Twitter and Instagram accounts, which was totally unexpected.

The response gave me some food for thought. I didn’t have a tan, hadn’t styled my hair, wore hardly any make-up, spent 15 minutes in front of the mirror and I still looked fine. It made me realise that it’s good to take a break from the beauty routine occasionally.

I’m not saying that I’ll bin my blusher, go on a fake tan ban or banish my heated rollers to the back of the cupboard anytime soon. I’m just going to go back to basics now and then. Keep things simple. After all, less is more!

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  1. 10th June 2016 / 3:43 am

    I can not relate to this anymore the I already am! I totally agree with this! A leather jacket, jeans, a plain top, and ankle boots are my favourite ‘wearing less’ look and if i’m going to a party, i’ll just add a heavy necklace on! Great post!

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