14 signs that you’re obsessed with your dog

Dog lovers rejoice!

Anyone else obsessed with their pooch? My five-year-old Bichon Frise, Coco is the apple of my eye. I mean, just look at her little face!

Signs you're obsessed with your dog

Here are 14 signs you are obsessed with your dog as much as I am with mine:

1. You’ve given your dog one or more middle names. E.g. Coco Belle Mademoiselle.
2. You also have countless nicknames for your four-legged friend, which make no sense to anyone else.
3. You’ve cancelled plans with people because you don’t want your dog to be alone.
4. And if you do have to go out, you rush home to be with them.
5. You would happily spend £215 on a Louis Vuitton collar without questioning it but have to think about splashing out on a designer bag for yourself.
6. You talk to your dog when no one else is around. Coco knows my life story!
7. Your dog doesn’t really know your normal voice as you speak to them in weird baby voices all the time.
8. You treat your dog like a human and automatically hate anyone who makes the remark “It’s only a dog”.
9. You refer to them as a member of the family and give them a relation, such as son, daughter etc.
10. You celebrate their birthday every year and buy them cards and gifts.
11. You put them first and will do anything to make them happy. Even if that makes playing another game of tug of war with their favourite teddy bear.
12. Your dog has more blow-dries than you. I get my hair done every couple of months, while Coco has hers done every couple of weeks. Because she’s worth it.
13. You can’t wait to see your dog when you come home from work. They act like they haven’t seen you for years and it’s the best reaction ever.
14. You actually prefer your pooch to most humans. Am I the only one who thinks this?!

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  1. 16th May 2016 / 7:28 pm

    Love this post, all of these are so true, and your dog is gorgeous! I talk to my dog more than most people haha! x


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