A dress for all seasons: The Zara denim dress

I’ve probably featured this Zara denim dress on here before but what the heck, I’m featuring it again because I absolutely love it. A dreamy little number! I bought it last year for around £70 which might sound a little steep for a casual dress but I knew that I’d wear it ALL THE TIME so it was a completely justifiable purchase. Obviously.

A picture of Zara denim dress
Dress, Zara. Boots, River Island. Bag, Fiorelli. Watch, Marc Jacobs. Bracelet, CF Concept. Rings, Pandora.

First of all, its excellent quality as the denim is thick and sturdy. Not flimsy or cheap-looking at all! I think it’s perfect for all seasons. While I wouldn’t wear it during a major heatwave, it’s ideal for the average British summer (i.e. miserable and wet). It’s also great in the autumn/winter with layers, a pair of tights and boots.

Having said that, I’m wearing boots here even though it’s July. Does anyone else wear boots in the summer? I can’t help myself! Boots are a safe choice when the weather is uncertain. The thought of being caught in the rain and having wet feet all day is enough for me to banish sandals to the back of the wardrobe. Plus, boots are so comfortable and I don’t need to cover my feet in plasters like I seem to do with sandals. Such a glam life.

I quite like grey accessories for a change. Normally, I’m all for black but it’s nice to shake things up. Wow, trading black for grey – I’m so wild! The handbag is by Fiorelli and it’s one of my favourite bags ever. It’s not my usual size (Mary Poppins is my bag hero, FYI) but it’s enough for my essentials without me panicking that I don’t have enough room. Me and tiny bags don’t get on well.

Now, time for your thoughts! Would you wear this outfit? What do you think of the dress? Leave a comment below!

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