How I accentuate my eyebrows with Blink Brow Bar products

After waxing my eyebrows too much during my teenage years and early-twenties, I’ve managed to get them back to their former bushy glory again. Nowadays, I love to make the most of my brows and there are a few Blink Brow Bar products which help me along the way.


Nourishing Brow Oil

As I’ve mentioned, my eyebrows are quite thick and I want to keep them that way so I use brow oil to encourage their growth. With ingredients such as sweet almond oil, rosemary oil, lavender and sandalwood, this formula strengthens and conditions, promotes healthy brow hairs and balances the skin. I apply at night so it can sink in while I’m sleeping.


I get my brows shaped every 3-4 months but I like to keep them tidy in-between salon visits. These super sleek, angled tweezers are perfect for precise hair removal. They’re made from high quality stainless steel with precision ground tips which grip even the finest hairs. Easily the best tweezers I’ve ever owned!

Aloe Vera Gel

After tweezing, I use this gel to immediately soothe and cool the skin. It contains purifying aloe vera with wheat proteins to moisturise while panthenol leaves skin looking smoother. It’s also great when I don’t want a heavy moisturiser but a lighter and refreshing alternative. I never need much either so it lasts ages.

A picture of a girl with thick eyebrows

Clear Brow Gel

I don’t use eyebrow pencil for definition, I use brow gel instead. With nourishing and strengthening ingredients such as panthenol, this gel keeps hairs in place whilst defining their shape and leaving a glossy finish. I use the clear shade because I have my eyebrows tinted anyway but it also comes in brown and black if you prefer a bolder look.


I’ve really got into highlighting my brows recently. It gives the eyes an instant lift and makes them look more awake. Applied to the brow bone, highlighting creates a contouring effect and a subtle glow. This dual-ended pencil also features a blending sponge to make blending simple and comes with a built-in sharpener.

What products do you use on your eyebrows? Have you tried Blink Brow Bar?

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