Styling ASOS ripped jeans for rainy summer days

Even though it’s summer, I’ve been wearing jeans a lot because the weather has been so temperamental lately. Where has the sun gone?! It feels more like early spring now. Layers and umbrellas on standby!

Jeans, ASOS. Top, Zara. Shoes, River Island. Rings, Pandora. Sunglasses, TK Maxx.
Jeans, ASOS. Top, Zara. Shoes, River Island. Rings, Pandora. Activity tracker, Jawbone, Sunglasses, TK Maxx.

Anyway, ripped jeans are perfect for this time of year as you can flash a cheeky bit of leg but keep covered up at the same time. So, they’re ideal on those weird weather days where it’s sunny one minute and raining the next. Ahem I’m referring to you, South Wales.

I’ve worn these ASOS black ripped jeans to death. In fact, I think the holes have got twice as big since I bought them! I don’t want to replace them yet so I’m going to re-dye them soon to freshen them up. They’ve lasted pretty well but it would be nice to get them jet black again for my all black ensembles!

I also love these jeans because they’ve always had decent thigh and knee rips, if you get what I mean. I’ve seen loads of jeans on the high street which have just one clean rip on each knee and they look naff to me. If you’re going to rock ripped jeans, make ‘em proper ripped!

The shoes are from River Island and I bought them back in February when I was feeling optimistic about having a long, hot summer. The first time I wore them, I got caught in a thunderstorm (i.e. the worst rain I’ve ever seen in my entire life) and I haven’t worn them very much since, purely due to the unpredictable weather. I absolutely love them though and can’t wait to get them back on ASAP. They look amazing with jeans, dresses, skirts…everything!

What do you like about this look? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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