Blow-drying my hair with KMS California

Although I try not to use heat on my hair too often, I can’t resist a good blow-dry. Since my natural hair is quite flat, a blow-dry helps lift my roots and gives some much-needed bounce. I feel a million times better when my hair has a bit of volume. I hate lifeless locks with a passion and am always trying to get some ‘oomph’ in!

KMS California Freeshape and Tamefrizz
A blow-drying power couple

I’ve been using a couple of products from KMS California recently which have helped me achieve great results when blow-drying. First of all, I use a dollop of KMS California Tamefrizz Smoothing Reconstructor after shampooing. The deep treatment nourishes and smoothes the hair from roots to tips in a couple of minutes. The concentrated conditioning agents and the de-frizz system improve the internal hair structure and reduce the effects of frizz. The formula is packed with Babassu Oil, which is known for quick hair penetration and nourishment. For me, Tamefrizz is the perfect starting product as it acts like a primer and preps hair for an effortless blow-dry. My hair looks noticeably healthier after using it too. I’d highly recommend it even if you’re not bothered about blow-drying!

Next, I spritz the KMS California Freeshape Shaping Blow Dry all over my towel-dried hair. It’s my new staple product! A few sprays provides just the right amount of body and movement, protects against heat damage and provides humidity resistance. Bonus! It also contains thermoshaping polymers that allows flexible shaping and gives light texture. The result is a full, natural-looking style that lasts a good 2-3 days. HOORAH! In my opinion, it’s an ideal product to give your hair hold without weighing it down and making it feel sticky or crispy. Limp hair no more!

Results after blow-drying
The results after blow-drying

Have you tried the brand KMS California? What products do you use during blow-drying?

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