My top hair products from Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford Growth Treatment, Coco Loco Blow and Go Lotion, Beach Babe Sea Salt
Tropical hair in an instant!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

This is designed to help hair reach its maximum potential length. My hair is quite long anyway so I can’t comment on what the treatment is like for growth but I can tell you about the other benefits.

Firstly, it is excellent as a general deep conditioning treatment. After using once, my hair felt healthy, strong and soft. I also noticed that my hair didn’t fall out as much in the shower. This could be a coincidence but I do believe that it was the treatment giving my hair some TLC.

The scent is pleasant enough. It doesn’t particularly remind me of anything but it’s harmless. The hot pink pot certainly stands out in my bathroom but its small size means that it doesn’t last very long. Especially if you use an egg-sized amount as recommended!

Coco Loco Blow and Go Genius Lotion

I hate applying lots of different products on my hair before blow-drying because I find that more than one product weighs it down and makes my hair lank. Instead, I’ve been looking for an ‘all-rounder’ and Coco Loco Blow and Go is just the thing!

A small amount makes my hair silkier, improves comb ability, protects against humidity, stops colour fade and protects against heat. I find that my hair stays smoother for longer too with no need for additional products such as argan oil or serum.

It also has a delicious coconut scent. Someone always comments on my ‘nice smell’ my hair has and it’s thanks to this. It’s also a nice, slim tube which perfect for popping in my gym bag without taking up space.

Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

Since I’ve had darker hair (I used to be blonde!), I haven’t been as fussed on the beach babe effect. Long gone are the days where I favour the tousled, surfer girl look. I’m more into bouncy, blow-dries now!

Having said that, I thought that I would try this sea salt spray not to get the ‘just spent a day at the beach’ look but to inject some body back into my hair in-between blow-dries. It worked quite well actually!

Unlike other salt sprays, it didn’t make my hair crispy and gave a lovely shine. A good quick-fix for when my hair is looking flat!

Have you tried Lee Stafford products?

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