Get to know Georgia; 25 facts about me

Facts about me

One of my blog goals this year was to be more personal and while I have touched upon personal issues, I thought some facts about me would help you get to know me even better. I hope you enjoyed reading these 25 facts about me as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Facts about me, Georgia Hathaway
Skirt, River Island. Top, H&M. Boots, Kurt Geiger. Bag, ASOS.
  1. I’ve always liked my name but as I’ve got older, I’ve become even more grateful for it. I think Georgia is unusual but not too unusual – I only knew one or two other Georgia’s growing up. It’s the same for Hathaway, I don’t many (apart from my family obviously!).
  2. My middle name is Rachel, which I don’t mind. It could be worse!
  3. I’ve always had nicknames. George is the most popular followed by Georgie, Gee or Georgie Porgie.
  4. I was born exactly three months premature. I was due on 25th December but born on 25th I was 2lb, 8.5oz!
  5. I’m 5’1 with size 1-2 feet. Buying shoes is an absolute nightmare but I rely on insoles and doubling up on socks!
  6. I’m an only child. There have been times where I’ve wanted a sibling but I’m also glad to have had my parents all to myself.
  7. My first crush was Batman and I used to dress up as him, with a plastic mask and my Grandma’s tablecloth as a cape.
  8. I’m still massively into Batman.
  9. Ditto Justin Bieber. I’ve been obsessed with him since his first album and burst into tears when I saw him live!
  10. I’m outgoing and chatty most of the time but can be quiet around people I don’t know very well or who make me feel uncomfortable.
  11. I was blonde until I was 24.
  12. I studied English Language/Literature, History and Media Studies at A-level and English Literature at University. I also have a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism.
  13. I’ve been with Phil for 7 years now. We met at University when we were 19 but actually knew of each other before through mutual friends.
  14. I have terrible hunger tantrums.
  15. I’ve always eaten healthily. I know that sounds a like a brag but honestly, I’m just not particularly into junk food. I’m not saying I never eat ‘bad’ food though, there’s nothing wrong with pizza and cake now and then!
  16. The only foods I don’t like are hot dogs (fake meat from a jar, no thanks!), candy floss and sweets.
  17. I don’t like alcohol and only drink occasionally to be sociable. I’d go teetotal any day! My favourite drinks are herbal tea, smoothies and fresh fruit juice.
  18. Dogs are my favourite animals, especially fluffy ones which look like teddy bears. I have a Bichon Frise called Coco.
  19. I also like guinea pigs. I had four as a child called Chocolate Chip, Coco Pops, Cornflake and Sugar Puff.
  20. I’ve never broken a bone. Hope I don’t jinx myself by saying that!
  21. I don’t have tattoos and will never be tempted by them.
  22. I appreciate the finer things in life but don’t rely on materialistic things to make me happy.
  23. I love city breaks and hope to visit as many European cities as possible.
  24. I’ve always wanted to go to America. A tour would be amazing but California, New York, Las Vegas and Miami would be at the top of my list.
  25. My ideal day would be going for brunch, shopping and sightseeing before having dinner at a fine dining restaurant.

Facts about me, Georgia Hathaway

Now you’ve read some facts about me, tell me something random about yourself!

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