How I look after my locks; my updated hair routine

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my hair and how I look after it. So, I thought I’d share my updated hair routine as it’s changed a lot over the past few months.

My hair is probably one of my best features and I’ve always had compliments on it. I was blonde until I was 24 and then dyed it dark brown before growing it out to my natural colour – a dark blonde/light brown shade.

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It was lovely to have completely natural hair for a while. I didn’t colour it for almost 2 years! Earlier this year, I started having semi-permanent tints to add some depth and shine. And as the tint is close to my own hair, I don’t have to have it done often either. Just when I feel like a refresh!


I used to be obsessed with growing my hair as long as possible. I used to get a cut every 3 months and even then, I’d only have half an inch off. Sometimes an inch if I was feeling brave! Now, I have it cut every 6-8 weeks religiously. It looks so much healthier and thicker!

Georgia Hathaway hair routine


Admittedly, I used to wash my hair once a week. It never looked dirty but I got to a point where I relied on dry shampoo far too much. Lately, I’ve started washing my hair every two days and even though it gets on my nerves, it looks glossier and in better condition.


Apart from weekends, I used to wear my hair up constantly. Ponytails, braids and topknots were my go-to styles. It was partly convenience, but mostly laziness. Now, I’m making more effort styling it and not simply shoving it up every day. If anything, it makes me feel more put together and glamorous.

What’s your hair routine?

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