Styling music t-shirts ft. Tupac and Guns N’ Roses

Ever since my stepdad gave me his old Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin tops (I used to cut off the sleeves and wear them as dresses), I’ve really been into music t-shirts.

A girl I used to work with always called my look “rock chic” and I guess you could still say that about my style now. I love that whole grungy/rock vibe except with a fresh manicure, blow-dry and heels thrown in.

I don’t just wear music t-shirts to look ‘cool’ either. I genuinely like whatever artist I’m wearing; I’d feel like a complete wannabe if I didn’t. What’s the point of advertising a band you haven’t even listened to?! Anyway, I thought I’d share two t-shirts which I’ve really liked recently.

Music t-shirt 1: Tupac

Fashion blogger wearing music t-shirts
T-shirt, Topshop. Jeans, ASOS. Jacket, Lasula. Boots, Ego.

The first one is a Tupac one from Topshop. It reminds me of my love for hip-hop! Here, I’ve teamed it with black skinny jeans from ASOS, an oversized bomber jacket from Lasula (don’t forget that you can get 15% off site wide with the code GEORGIA15) and pointed boots from Ego.

Fashion blogger wearing music t-shirts

The tee is tucked into my jeans for a sexier look. For me, this is the perfect outfit for a night out when I’m not in the mood to wear a dress. It’s easy to wear, comfortable and totally me.

Fashion blogger wearing music t-shirts
Vest, Topshop. Jeans, ASOS. Jacket, Zara. Boots, Ego.

Music t-shirt 2: Guns N’ Roses

For my second look, I’ve worn a Guns N’ Roses tee also from Topshop. It instantly makes me think of my stepdad! Again, I’ve worn the same black jeans and boots but paired it with my faithful leather jacket from Zara. I’d choose this outfit for a gig or a chilled Friday night after work.

Fashion blogger wearing music t-shirts

There have been so many so many pieces that I’ve loved this year and these music t-shirts are definitely up there for their laid-back feel. What do you think of them?


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