Finding your confidence and how to keep it

I’ve always been confident ‘inside’ but haven’t always found it easy to express on the outside. When I was younger, I was quiet in front of people I didn’t know even though I was bursting with conversation inside. My confidence soared when I was around my friends but otherwise, I struggled to come out of my shell.

Finding confidence and how to keep it
Jumpsuit: Miss Selfridge

I guess I was worried about what people would think of me or how I would come across. It made perfect sense at the time but it seems ridiculous now. Imagine hiding your true self because you were worried about other people?! Who cares! Be yourself and own who you are. If anyone has a problem, it’s theirs not yours.

My confidence has come with age and experience. When I was a teenager, I was more self-conscious and not as assertive. I suppose a lot of teenagers are unsure of themselves. I was outgoing but only around certain people, which is shame because I’m actually very outgoing in general. I just wish I was at the time. But oh well, you live and learn!

Now, I’m more comfortable with myself than I’ve ever been. I walk, talk and act as confident as I can. Once I get going, it flows and I feel so empowered. But if I have those days where I’m REALLY not feeling it, I let myself have some downtime and then start again. I do believe in giving yourself a break from time to time.

Finding confidence and how to keep it

My best tip for gaining confidence? Learn to be confident with yourself first. Think of all your strengths and keep focusing on them. Say them aloud. Write them down. Ask a friend to tell you. You’re never going to be confident if you focus on what you don’t like about yourself.

Negativity just chips away at your self-esteem, so get those positive thoughts going! By concentrating on your strengths, you’re building yourself up which will help you feel more confident in the long run. And keep practising being confident. The saying: “Fake it until you make it” is invaluable!

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