Goodbye summer 2017, it’s been fun!

I always like to reflect on certain times in my life and summer is no exception. This year has been fun. I’d love to say it was a ‘blast’ or the ‘best summer of my life’ but I’ll definitely take fun. There’s always next year for the summer of a lifetime. I’m expecting big things, 2018!

Summer 2017 post featuring the ASOS palm tree dress
Dress, ASOS

Anyway, I’ve spent lots of time with the girls this summer which I’ve absolutely loved. As you get older, it’s harder to catch up with friends because everyone has their own commitments. But when you do see them, it’s amazing! There have been plenty of nights out, dinner dates, sleepovers (you’re never too old!), weddings, baby showers and Christenings. Bring on the Autumn adventures!

Speaking of friends, I’ve met so many lovely people at work which I’m grateful for. After being in some not-so-nice work environments in the past, I can’t tell you how nice it is to meet kind colleagues who make it a pleasure to come into work every day. I can safely say that I’m completely myself around them and I couldn’t ask for more.

Besides that, I’ve been making the most of my gym membership and going as often as possible. My gym is literally a 5-minute walk from where I work so there’s no excuse really! I’ve found a new passion for Spin, it’s such a good class for overall toning and burning the calories. I really enjoy going too, which is half the battle.

I also went to Las Vegas in August, which was a brilliant experience. And I wouldn’t hesitate to go back either, what a place. There’s just so much to see and do, you could never be bored. My highlights were visiting the Grand Canyon (surreal being there in real life) and the Wet Republic pool party at MGM Grand Hotel, which was incredible!

How has your summer been?

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