OOTD: All black everything

If anyone asks me for style advice, I’ll usually say wear black. It looks polished, smart and effortless. It suits everyone and never looks dated so no matter what the current trends are, black will always look chic. Not to mention that it suits all seasons. Black certainly isn’t just for the winter months.

OOTD: all black everything
Trousers: Topshop
Top: H&M
Shoes/belt: River Island

Most of the time, black also looks expensive. You could be wearing Topshop or Tom Ford, who knows? Well, you might be able to. But my point is, it doesn’t look obvious what brand you’re wearing when you wear black. You know when you can just tell something is from a certain brand? Black never gives the secret away!

The latest little black ensemble I’m wearing features cigarette trousers from Topshop, a roll neck sweater from H&M, a Gucci-inspired belt and black leather mules, both from River Island. The trousers are from two years ago, the top is last year and the belt/shoes are from this year. I’m a big fan of mixing past and current collections. You don’t have to wear completely new clothes to look stylish.

OOTD: all black everything

Accessories are key too. Without the earrings, belt or sunglasses, this OOTD would have been a bit plain. But the accessories add some much-needed detail and interest without being overpowering. Plus, I think black and gold look gorgeous together. Gold definitely gives black a luxurious and sophisticated feel.

OOTD: all black everything

I don’t wear my hair up very often for blog photos but it makes a nice change when I do.  I went for a sleek ponytail to compliment the simplicity of the outfit. It’s an ideal look for the office but a quick change of heels, a slick of red lipstick with a bit of backcombing and I’d be drinks-after-work ready. What do you think of this all black OOTD?

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