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When it comes to clothes, I prefer to invest in high quality pieces rather than poor quality items that you throw away after one season. Don’t get me wrong, fast fashion brands are great for trying a new trend or if you’re on a budget. But ultimately, I’d rather quality over quantity.

Shopping with Cobuydi
Cobuydi is the place for fantastic quality and unique finds

Since I lead a very busy lifestyle, I do alot of shopping online. It makes life a bit easier and gives me more time to spend on work or training at the gym. I’m always on the lookout for new places to shop and recently, I’ve come across Cobuydi.

What is Cobuydi?

Cobuydi is a premium destination for high-quality clothing and accessories from the world’s best up-and-coming boutiques. They stand for high quality and luxurious clothing which don’t cost the earth. Think attainable yet unique!

The brands stocked are all about well made and designed clothes which have long usage. Not just wear a couple of times then throw away. My absolute pet hate when it comes to fashion – I like my clothes to last! Plus, the brands are so varied that there is something for everyone.

Inspired by prints and vintage pieces, Minkie London is ultra-feminine with plenty of detail such as lace panels, fringing and delicate embroidery.

Black Floral Maxi Dress With Frill Detail And Bell Sleeves Font
This black floral dress by Minkie London is super pretty! And those bell sleeves are so cute!

Another brand, Acurrator, is best defined by a Fashion Week aesthetic at High Street prices. They’re all about clean lines, asymmetry, geometry and origami-style pieces that transition perfectly from day to night. Like this gorgeous black high neck dress below!

Shopping at Cobuydi
Loving the high neck on this Acurrator dress, very elegant!

There’s also the unique and eclectic Zibi London, the fashion-savvy Madam Rage and my personal favourite ANGELEYE with their distinctive and sophisticated vibe.

Nothing like a crisp shirt with white trousers – this Zibi London pinstripe style would be lovely for off-duty weekends.

The plethora of brands are endless, including:

Gift ideas sorted

And let me tell you about the best feature of Cobuydi – their incredible boxes. With the signature Cobuydi boxes, you can give a stylish gift to those you care about most. I’d be thrilled if I received one!

The Cobuydi Gift Box is a special luxury gift experience. Each box is beautifully presented and packed to an exceptional standard by the Cobuydi Team with items you’ve ordered on the product page.

The box is available at a range of prices starting from £150 up to £1000 and all boxes consist of amazing quality clothing from various boutiques and brands.

Unsure about what to choose? Cobuydi have got you covered. They can provide you a personal stylist (for a small, additional fee) to assist you with your gift box.  Ideal for anyone with a busy schedule, like myself!

So, if you’re looking for a new fashion destination offering premium goodies at reasonable prices, you won’t go far wrong with Cobuydi. Happy Shopping!

*Please note that this post is sponsored but my opinions are truthful and unbiased.

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  1. 18th July 2018 / 11:08 am

    Yes you are right! Quality is an important than quanity. I love Anchor & Crew collection.

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