My High Street Heroes; Where I Like to Shop

If my budget could stretch to the likes of Chanel, Gucci and Prada then I would happily own a wardrobe full of designer clothes. They’re more unique, better made and the quality is incomparable.

But as my bank account is more Tesco than Tom Ford, I’m sticking to the high street for the foreseeable future. I’m trying not to spend too much on clothes at the moment. With saving for a house, petrol, train fare and general living on my agenda, I can’t justify my usual style splurges. 

High Street Outfit; checked skirt, black polo neck top and baker boy hat

Usually, I head to mid-higher priced brands like Zara, Warehouse and Oasis for my fashion fix. When I feel like a treat, Karen Millen, REISS and Coast are my other favourites. And River Island is my absolute go-to for footwear as they stock UK size 2 online. Honestly, they’re a life-saver! I used to find it VERY difficult to buy shoes before R.I.  

I’ve recently discovered New Look and Primark too. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve dismissed them both in the past but they’re great for some pieces. Especially for trends I’d like to try but don’t want to spend a fortune on them. For example, if I fancied a faux fur coat in a crazy colour then I’d head to Primark because who knows if I’ll want to wear a flamingo pink number next year?!

High Street Outfit; checked skirt, black polo neck top and baker boy hat

It’s worth noting that Primark stock smaller sizes such as a UK 4, 6 and XXS. Particularly handy for me as I’m rather petite and struggle to get clothes to fit me properly, particularly trousers! I didn’t realise that New Look had a decent petite range too.

 I wouldn’t rule out supermarket chic either. I’ve found some amazing pieces in Tesco lately! Who would have thought?! I’ve also noticed that TU at Sainsburys have a lovely collection! However, I’m pretty sure that they start from a size 8 which is a shame. Well worth a look though during your weekly shop! 

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