Nice to see you 2019! A few personal goals for the year ahead

I know they’re cliché but I actually like New Year’s resolution type posts. In the past, I used to think that they were cringey. But if they help people introduce positive changes to their life then surely that can’t be bad thing? Anyway, my list isn’t particularly mind-blowing. However, they’re achievable and practical goals which will put me in good stead for a happy and healthy 2019. Here goes!

1. Improve my blog

I say this every year but I want my blog to be bigger and better. As I’ve mentioned before, I find it difficult to blog whilst working full-time but on reflection, my blog hasn’t done too badly considering I can’t dedicate as many hours to it as I’d like.

I’ve worked with some fantastic brands including Oasis, Benefit Cosmetics, In The Style, Too Faced and Little Mistress in the last year so fingers crossed for more fabulous collaborations. 

2. Keep saving

I’m almost bored saying it now but I’m going to continue saving money this year. Not only am I saving for a large house deposit but the costs associated with buying a house as well as furniture etc.

Besides a house, I also like the feeling of security and stability. I hate the thought of struggling! I’ve always had savings since I was little and the idea of not having money set aside scares me! It also makes me feel independent, that I can look after myself and that I don’t have to rely on anyone for financial support.

3. Continue the fitness journey 

I had a break from the gym in December but I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine now the holidays are over. I know I’m already petite but like many people, I have indulged over Christmas! I’d like to lose a few pounds so I feel comfortable in myself again.

And as ever, my focus is toning my body, working on my abs and maintaining a peachy bum!

4. Stress less

I’m the first to admit that I’m a serious worrier and over-thinker so I would love to prioritise relaxing more this year. I have a bad habit of glamourising being busy and working myself down to the ground. This inevitably leads to me burning out and getting run down.

I’ve struggled with this for years so I’m not going to kid myself in thinking that I’m going to change overnight. But I do want to spend more time chilling out rather than stressing out.

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