Pretty Simple; The beauty goals I want to achieve in 2019

Whilst it’s important to have life/career development/family goals etc, it’s also nice to have less important but still personal objectives. I’ve chosen a few beauty goals which are a welcome break to my serious goals but still add to my sense of achievement.

Grow my hair

I’ve experimented with lots of different lengths over the years but ultimately, my hair looks better when it’s long. So this year, I’m going to carry on growing it. For me, long hair is low-maintenance. I can style it in so many different ways. Even though my go-to hairstyle is a bouncy blow dry or soft waves! I’m all about long locks in 2019.

Give my nails a break

I got a bit addicted to shellac manicures last year and as a result, my nails were feeling soft and bendy. After a few DIY manicures and some much needed TLC, they’re strong and healthy again. Going forward, I think I’m going to stick to polish unless it’s a special occasion and I need a longer-lasting manicure. Holidays are the perfect example. I’d rather have extra time by the poolside!

Take supplements

I’ve never really believed in supplements. I’d prefer to get vitamins and minerals from my diet. However, I cut out meat and cow’s milk last year so I thought it might be a wise idea to take a supplement designed for vegans/vegetarians. I’ve also been taking biotin for my hair/nails as well as soy protein powder after the gym.

Look after my skin

Apart from the odd hormonal breakout, I have pretty good skin. I’d love to tell you that it’s down to a miracle product but it’s simply a good diet, exercise and water. Getting plenty of sleep also helps but I’m still working on that! Additionally, I don’t drink or smoke so I’m sure that has a positive impact on my complexion. But if anyone has any tips for dark under eye circles, let me know! I’m a bit too panda-esque for my liking.

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