Grind & grow (my savings!); priorities for the next 6 months

I wish I could be the kind of person who ‘goes with it.’ But the idea of not having a plan scares the heck out of me. It doesn’t have to be a rigid plan, a rough one is fine. As long as I have a vision of where my life is going, I feel more at ease. I blame my anxious little mind!

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New job, new priority

Now I’ve started my new role at Assistant Press Officer, my main priority is to settle in and get to grips with it. I’m not a half-hearted person and when I’m passionate about something, I fully immerse myself in it. Therefore, my energy will be going into my work for a while.  I can’t explain how excited I am to develop and progress! 

So, I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that I do the job justice. I’ll still be blogging but perhaps not as much until I settle in properly and pass my probation in October. I can’t put my all in both my job and blog, one of them has to give. And sadly, blogging doesn’t pay all of my bills. 

I’m sure you know this already if you read my blog regularly but I hope to buy a house in the future. I have NO idea when. It could be this year, next year or in a few years. But, it’s still on my radar! To be honest, I’ve been in the position to buy for a while but I want to save as much as possible before committing.

It would be nice to have a sufficient amount for furniture and renovations (i.e. the fun stuff) as well as the deposit and additional fees. Again, I blame my anxious thinking for planning ahead so much. I need to stop worrying! Perhaps that will be the subject for my next post. Hmm! 

Obviously, those are my top priorities at the moment but of course, I’d love to achieve other things too like travelling with Luis and maybe signing up for a full marathon. I had to pull out of the Great Welsh marathon because it clashed with my start date at the University and as I said, the job is my number one! 

Do you like to have a life plan or go with the flow? Any tips to stop me worrying so much? I’d love to know!

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