Teenage dreams; Advice I’d give to 13-19 year olds

 I don’t regret my teenage years so this isn’t going to be a post about what I did wrong and what you can do right. It’s about passing on my experience and guidance to those who might need it, particularly 13-19 year olds. 

Your teenage years should be non-stop fun. Make the most of being young with hardly any responsibilities because you’ll never get those years back. Don’t worry, your twenties are going to be fun too but it won’t compare to your carefree teenage life. 

My advice may not be the advice the average 15 year old might want to hear but it’s definitely worth considering. So to the teen who might be reading this: 

Don’t chase boys. They may seem like the most important, exciting thing in the world right now but honestly, you have your whole adult life to get a boyfriend and spend your time and energy on them. Give your dad/stepdad/Grandad the time of the day instead. They will never let you down. On that note, don’t take your family for granted. Ever! 

Your mother will be the best friend you’ll ever have. I completely understand that not everyone has a good relationship with their mum but if you do, treasure it. I know it feels like hanging out with your mum isn’t cool right now but when you’re nearly 30 and juggling day-to-day life, she’ll be your favourite person to catch up with. 

Read books. It’s cool to care about your education. It’s a privilege denied to many! I hate the notion that learning and caring about school is boring and nerdy. It’s really not. It’s empowering and the opportunities are endless when you have the knowledge. The world really is at your feet, so don’t waste it. You’ll only regret that you didn’t try harder when you’re an adult and are struggling to fit in full-time work and night classes. 

Equally, it’s important to have interests outside of school. Not only does it keep you grounded, but it gives you invaluable skills and expands your friendship group. Sports, music, makeup, go for whatever makes you feel passionate and excited. But remember to concentrate on finishing school/college work first. No one can take your education away from you!

I could could on all day but sometimes you just have to learn some things by yourself. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have though, my email inbox is always open!

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