Chin, chin! 2 years of being teetotal

It seems like an odd thing to celebrate during the coronavirus outbreak but today marks my second year of being teetotal. I wouldn’t call it an achievement as such but it’s something I like to give myself a little pat on the back for because it’s not always easy, especially living in a culture of binge-drinking.

Besides not particularly liking the taste of alcohol, I don’t drink mainly for health reasons. As a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, drinking doesn’t suit my lifestyle. I like to wake up early, eat sensibly, exercise a lot and go to bed early. None of which I could do with alcohol in the equation.

Hangovers are hell

I know people can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy a couple of drinks but I can’t. Even if I had one drink the night before, I could not get up and be as productive as I would be if I stayed sober. In fact, I would be useless all day! For me, it’s not worth it. Hangovers are complete a waste of time.

As I said, it’s not easy. There are still people who think it’s “boring” that I don’t drink and will never understand it. But it’s okay – I just focus on the ones who accept it. I’m not a huge fan of nights out but I still make an effort to go. I’m happy to get dressed up, have a lime and tonic and a dance.   

The designated driver 

But I’m usually ready to leave before midnight. It gets to a point where I’ve had enough of being around drunk people. I just want to change into my pyjamas, have a cup of tea and go to bed! Most of the time, I drive myself home too. Another perk of teetotalism! It’s nice to be in control.

Will I ever drink again? I’d never say never. But I’m happy to be teetotal for the foreseeable.

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