The Great Outdoors: why I love being outside more than ever

I’ve always liked being outside, but this year has made me truly love it. The fresh air, the scenery and interacting with people out and about, they all make my day go from average to amazing. Being outdoors never fails to lift my mood and clear my head. Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes! I feel irritable if I don’t. There are days where my work schedule is just too busy!

Home Sweet Home! Admiring Three Cliffs Bay

Work breaks

While working from home has its perks (I will have to write a blog post about them!), I have found it difficult staying indoors for hours on end. So, when I do have a chance to get out, I’m practically skipping out the door! No wonder dogs are so excited for walks. I totally understand their enthusiasm.

I’ve been making the most of running outdoors while the weather is mild. Autumn is the perfect temperature for long runs and my 10k and 20k’s have been rather pleasant. Not too mention how nice it is stepping on the crunchy leaves and seeing all the gorgeous colours on the trees. I’m not a big fan of running in the rain because it gets slippery but I still force myself to go.

Cold weather running

I’d love to run a full marathon before it gets too chilly but I will have to see how it goes. The rain is relentless at the moment! And my chest struggles in cold weather, thanks to asthma! But I think a breathable face mask might help as well as a snood and some good base layers.

Walking has also been a godsend this year. Fortunately, I live right next to a park and some beautiful beaches so I lace up my trainers or hiking boots and just go! After being sat at my desk for long periods of time, stretching my legs is well needed. Even though I miss the gym in lockdown, thank goodness, unlimited exercise outdoors is allowed in Wales.

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