Fundraising for Marie Curie: the start of my journey

After putting it to the back of my mind, I have decided to start fundraising for my trek to Patagonia, which will be taking place in 2022. I signed up for the trek in February 2020, i.e., before Covid-19. So when the pandemic hit, I couldn’t concentrate on raising money, especially to the tune of £3999 (!).

A late start   

To be completely honest, I didn’t feel comfortable asking for money with many people being furloughed, losing jobs and worrying about the virus. Therefore, I didn’t do any fundraising until December. 2020 was tough for everyone. The last thing I wanted is to put pressure on anyone.

However, I had a bit of time off at Christmas so I could focus on fundraising and I made a good start. I ran 10k every day for 10 days and organised a giveaway (within 2 days, phew!) in which local businesses kindly gave away prizes to people who donated. Thank you again to those who got involved!

Pushing myself

My current fundraising efforts include dipping in the sea every day and running 100 miles in January. The sea dips were physically and mentally tough at first but I’m converted now. I’m a firm believer in Cold Water Therapy! I will hopefully continue to dip as the year goes on. I’m fortunate to live very close to several beaches! And yes, it is VERY cold at this time of year.

The 100 miles isn’t too much of a challenge as I’m used to running. But it’s still a commitment every day! I’m looking forward to finishing so I can get back to running for enjoyment rather than feeling like I have to do it. No sympathy expected though, no one is forcing me to do these activities but myself. I could have chosen something easier!

What next?

I haven’t thought of the next fundraising efforts yet but it’s a challenge in itself raising money during a pandemic. I do have a busy full-time job and have my own personal training programme so I don’t have much time to spare. However, I will do what I possibly can to push myself in order to raise funds.

If you’d like to support, you can donate whatever you can afford. No pressure to contribute but I’d be over the moon if you did! Thank you ever so much!

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