Buy less, wear more: quick tips for a stylish but sustainable wardrobe

Okay I confess. I LOVE clothes. I always have and I always will. But I gave up buying them constantly a long time ago. New clothes just don’t thrill me anymore and I’d rather spend my afternoon climbing a mountain than climbing the escalator of a high street store.

Now, I get my fashion kicks from wearing clothes I’ve had for YEARS and people asking me where they’re from, fixing zips and repairing holes to give tired items a lease of life and rummaging around charity shops for second hand bits.

Save money and the planet

Not do these habits reduce waste, promote recycling, slow down fast fashion and help the environment, but they also save money. I spend hardly anything on clothes anymore. And if I must buy new, I spend a little more on good quality so they stand the test of time. As my dad always tells me: “Buy cheap, pay twice!”

I don’t claim to be a sustainable fashion expert (there are plenty of great resources out there) but here are some of my own quick tips:

  • Buy good quality in the first place. Think of them as investment pieces. Repair broken clothes if you need to! Go for classic styles rather than fad trends so you can wear for years to come.
  • Before buying, ask yourself: “Do I really need it?” Buying new items should be seen as the final choice, once all other options have been considered such as borrowing, swapping, and thrifting. Or even making. Oh, how I wish that I paid attention when my seamstress Grandma was around!
  • Do your research on sustainable brands. If brands aren’t providing adequate detail about why their garments are less polluting than other brands, then it could be a marketing ploy.
  • Choose second hand or charity shops. I’ve found AMAZING pieces over the years, including designer labels, vintage bits and brand-new items with tags. Never underestimate what you can find.
  • You don’t need that cheap new dress every time you go on a night out. Dig out that old one you love, do your hair and makeup differently & have a good time.
  • Remember that the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own!


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