Choose warmth; I don’t worry about being cool and you shouldn’t either!

I saw an extract of writer Matt Haig’s new book on his Instagram recently and it resonated with me. It said:

 “Don’t worry about being cool. Never worry what cool people think. Life is warmth. You’ll be cool when you’re dead. Head for the warm people. Head for life.”

I think Matt’s sentiment is so important to remember. I’ve never really worried about being “cool”. Sure, there have been times where I wanted to fit in (school, for example) but most of the time, I’ve done my own thing.

Sunset at Rhossilli Bay. Pure magic

Don’t follow the crowd

If I’m honest, following the crowd makes me a bit uncomfortable. You have your own mind so do what feels right for you. In my opinion, cool is subjective. What’s cool to someone is completely cringeworthy to someone else. So, you’re better off doing what you want to do anyway!

In his post, Matt lists corny sunsets, self-help books, sobriety, Elton John as a few of his “uncool” interests. But actually, same here! I love all those too. Sunsets are cool as hell! Being sober is life-changing. Self-help books are great! Your Song is a brilliant record.

What do you really like?

I also like eating well and getting my vitamins in, going to the gym over the pub, a steady job, being in bed by 9pm, old British sitcoms, showing compassion for others, wearing second hand clothes, active holidays as opposed to party ones, financial stability. Some of those might not be traditionally cool. But they’re pretty damn cool to me.

I totally agree with what Matt says about heading for warm people. The authentic ones, the genuine ones, the passionate ones. The ones who don’t care about following the crowd or trying to impress other people. Gravitate towards those who feel like sunshine and radiate warmth.

After all, there is enough coldness in the world as it is! Keep chasing those sunsets.

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