Pretty Simple; The beauty goals I want to achieve in 2019

Whilst it’s important to have life/career development/family goals etc, it’s also nice to have less important but still personal objectives. I’ve chosen a few beauty goals which are a welcome break to my serious goals… View Post

Nice and Natural; the make-up look I love

Most people have their preferences when it comes to make-up. Some like full coverage, some like a light finish. Some like dramatic false lashes, some prefer a sweep of mascara. And so on. Personally, I… View Post

Nailed it! A manicure at The Celtic Manor Resort’s Beauty Bar

Personally, I don’t feel complete without my nails done. A manicure makes me feel ‘put together’ and groomed no matter what. If my nails look good, I feel good. And as I work in an… View Post

Sk:n Clinic Cardiff launch

Since I started blogging, I’ve been invited to some fantastic events around the UK but regrettably I can’t always make them. Work commitments and travel quite often get in the way! But when opportunities arise… View Post

Hair update; going blonde for the summer

Since having balayage, I’ve fallen in love with blonde again. After having dark hair for a while, it was time to lighten up (literally!) and embrace the blonde. When I had it done back in… View Post