Approaching 30 and dressing more conservatively (but still stylish!)

As I write this, I’m having fond (but cringeworthy) flashbacks of outfits from my early twenties. A time when I happily wore bodycon, ‘spray on’ trousers, mini skirts and crop tops with aplomb. I’ve never… View Post

Exciting times ahead; I’ve got a new job!

Even though I’ve mentioned that I’ve got a new job on social media, I haven’t really filled you in properly. It’s mainly due to me being a self-effacing, private person. I’ve never been one to… View Post

Sampling the vegan taster menu at Henry Webbs, St Mellons Hotel

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face apart from dogs and shoes, it’s food. It’s definitely a passion of mine and if you know me personally, you’ll know how… View Post

Creating my own style and having fun with fashion again

I follow many fashion bloggers online and while there are many who have unique style, I find a lot of them very similar. I’m not claiming to be totally different from  everyone because after all, I… View Post

My yearning to be genuine in the ‘fake’ world of social media

In the age of social media influencers, I like to use my online presence in a positive and authentic way. However, what’s positive and authentic to me might not be the same for others. But… View Post