Braids and sweatshirts: my go-to WFH style

This year has been the year of WFH. At first, it took me a while to adjust but 9 months later, I can’t imagine what it’s like to leave the house and go to the office. I appreciate the flexibility of hours and the ability to work around commitments that WFH allows.

Not to mention how nice it is to wear casual clothes every day! There is an expectation to dress smartly working in an office but there’s no need at home – anything goes! It’s much quicker to get ready in the mornings now.

Up and at ’em

Some people find dressing like they’re going to the office helpful for their productivity but I prefer to just shove on my gym kit and get on with things. It also means I’m ready for a run after work or whatever fitness classes I’ve got booked that evening. No need to fuss around and get changed!

My go-to has been oversized sweatshirts because they’re super comfy, great for layering and don’t look too scruffy if I need to pop to the supermarket on my lunch hour. Bright colours are my favourite to cheer up dull winter days like this mint green one from Nike.  

Braidy bunch

As for my hair, braids have been a godsend! I keep them in for about 2-3 days and when they start looking a bit wayward, I smooth down flyaways with hairspray, add plenty of kirby grips and twist the braids into a low bun or tie back in a ponytail. Sorted!

This combo has been pretty much my uniform for most of 2020 and I’m guessing into 2021 too. And who knows, when I eventually go back to the office, I might adopt the sweatshirt and braids every once in a while! Perhaps not the cycling shorts though. Dress down Friday anyone?

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