The importance of not comparing your fitness to others

I’ve always said in my mind that I’d use whatever platform I had as a blogger to talk about things I believe in, raise awareness for worthy causes and help people in whatever way I can. I know some bloggers use their platforms purely to monetise and that’s fine but that’s not my prerogative.

At the moment, I’m keen to support local businesses, buying less and wearing more and exercising to help control anxiety, particularly in the time of COVID-19. For me, exercise is the only thing that helps with my anxious thoughts and expels any excess energy, which I have a lot of.

Using excess energy

If I don’t do some form of exercise every day, I feel wound up and restless. And as I have a lot of energy, sometimes I go to up to 3 classes a day, as well as 2-3 short runs and 2 long runs a week. It might seem excessive to some but it works for me.

But I want to stress that while it works for me, it might not be suitable for others. Don’t compete with anyone else, do what’s right and comfortable for you. Obviously push yourself, but not so much that you’re falling apart!

Do what you can

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Like I said, I exercise a lot because it helps with anxiety but also, I’m single and have no dependents so I have the time to do all my workouts. Sure, I prioritise work, my family and friends but fitness is right up there too.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you’re not doing 3 classes a day. For most people, 3 classes a week is fine depending on your fitness levels, ability and health. Give yourself a break, and just do what you can. That is enough. And if you need any support, I’d be more than happy to provide it!

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