Why I’m actually looking forward to winter in 2021

As a diehard summer lover, I was surprised when I found myself looking forward to the colder months recently. Normally, I hate the dark nights, grey days and feeling the need to wear ten layers ALL THE TIME. In the past, even the thought of winter made me feel down and I used to do as much as I could to combat the blues. From taking extra supplements to researching the best SAD lamps, I was determined to not let the winter woes get to me.

The weather is more predictable

But when September came around this year, I almost felt relief that the hot season was coming to an end. Speaking of which, the weather hasn’t even been that great! I think we had a few days of ‘heatwave’ but that’s about it. With autumn and winter, at least it’s consistently chilly and you know where you are with it. I’m actually excited to wrap up warm!

Coat gifted by Glamify Fashion

Keeping warm in style

Especially in this faux fur hooded coat! I’ve always liked a padded coat for extra warmth and this one has a lovely waist belt to adjust the fit. Perfect if you want the smarter, cinched in look rather than the relaxed, duvet style. I like both but unless I’m walking the dog or going to the gym, I’m more likely to wear the belted option. The fur trim is also super soft and adds a touch of luxury. It’s glam but cosy.

Less pressure to be busy

There’s a pressure to be constantly busy in the summer and with the longer days, I feel like I have to be making plans and doing things. I think the expectation to catch up with people you hadn’t physically seen during lockdown was a stress factor too. I certainly found it overwhelming anyway! A/W is the ideal time to adopt a slower pace of living – and it’s more socially acceptable. Let the hibernation period begin!

So instead of dreading the cold, I’m embracing it and seeing it as an opportunity to bundle up, slow down, take time for myself and enjoy.

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